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As we receive business contracts all over Tamil Nadu, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Tirupathi, naturally we have to distribute them to our business partners. Well, no time we going disturb their regular business, this complete entity works for extra business alone for beautician and moreover can also make money out of unattended calls.

What We offer

  • Business calls
  • Knowledge updates
  • Makeup materials with good amount of discount
  • Free workshop
  • Fashion updates
  • We extend our hands to support you legally, intellectually, emotionally, what not!

Join in our team and double your income!


Owner Cum Beautician

" It’s your hair, we care! "

M/s. Bridal Makeup School of Chennai is not just a Training academy. It is hub of opportunities.

We believe that with our expertise in the areas of Branding Marketing and sales. We would be able to support you to get better business and better life.

It would be our pleasure to meet you in person and discuss this in particular and few others. Opportunities that we would explore together.

Looking forward to meeting you in person.

To Fix Appointment: Contact Us at 9600171877

This is a Two-way Business

We shall line-up you to bridal makeovers

If you are not able to attend, you can divert call to us @ substantial profit.

To get business orders, you should register with us

There are two types of memberships

1. Regular
2. Prime

Housewives Looking for Part-time Job

" It’s your hair, we care! "

Reception Hairdo

Due to family commitments, you may not be able to go to full-time employment is it? You can make some lucrative money and dream for better life- Without missing your family and children.

Are you into any multilevel marketing business? All multilevel marketing says 2 hours per day. Is that True? Why go multilevel marketing and spend your Energy time and money just for peanuts.

No targets, No Stress, No Condition apply, Learn from us!! Earn with us!!What you have to do for?

  • Step one: join any of our course, get trained.
  • Step Two: register with us for business calls.

We direct and connect @substantial profit. Book now (special housewife batch).

Students – Part-time Job

We understand your world; you need not to disturb your parents for pocket money anymore.

For student ” community we do have some special one and two-day courses. After completion of the course, will offer opportunities to you. You can make decent money without disturbing your studies. Join us & register with us today.